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Work-Life Balance

In today’s corporate world, competition, competency, motivation and the likes can be the key to success. But where exactly does work–life balance fit in?

The perspective of right balance is different for everyone. To some, the phrase means passionately pursuing goals, to others, it may mean spending quality time with family in spite of gruelling work schedules, and yet to few others it may be finding time to pursue personal interests. Ultimately, it means achieving a balance and contentment both in work and in life.

Spending too much time at work or exploring your passion outside is never a problem when you are single. However, striking the right balance could pose a challenge when your family goals and passion are not aligned with each other. In an age of gender equality, career growth among couples has to be achieved with understanding, patience and sacrifice. To strike a balance, ego must take a back seat.

Do not strive for a perfect balance, instead aim for a realistic one. This will enhance you to be flexible and will help you to assess your goals and your priorities. One day you might need to spend long hours at work, the other day you would want to relax with your loved ones. This is perfectly alright as long as all parties involved are okay.

Keep a track of how you spend your time. Auditing your time makes you efficient, resulting in maximum productivity in whatever you choose to do. Training sessions or workshops on time management can also help to keep a tab on unnecessary habits and practices that may stress you out.

Last but not the least, being health conscious is very much important to keep up the tempo of life. Remember, each person’s journey in life is different. So take up a realistic and practical path best suited to you to maintain work–life balance.

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