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Blended Learning

How many times have we wished the class or session was a little more engaging? Or more detailed? What if we could pick and learn what was just relevant to us?

You would say, one can pursue the relevant course we want through online learning. But can online learning really satisfy all our learning needs? Not really! So, what is then the best approach to learning?

Blended learning! It can be defined as the combination of traditional face-to-face teaching with technology to enable anytime, anywhere learning.

Studies state that following a blended learning model can increase learning by over 11% compared to a traditional classroom setup. So what does this mean? By combining technology and traditional best practices, teaching can be personalised to meet individual student needs. It gives the learners what they need and when they need!

Most publishers today have realised the need for a blended learning approach – which is why books these days come with access to e-learning modules, gaming apps, online assessments and a lot more!

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