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Book Production Services


The received manuscripts are typeset using pagination software such as InDesign, LaTex, Quark, 3B2, PowerPoint and Word as per the requirement in the specified workflow (First XML, Post XML or the standard workflow).

We are team of highly experienced professionals who can handle any complexity, from plain text to highly complex school books layout. 


We offer full service project management for books and journals. Our dedicated project managers take accountability and responsibility right from the receipt of the manuscripts until the delivery of the final deliverables.

They work closely with both publishers and authors through regular status updates and efficient communication at all times.


Our editorial services include copy editing, editorial proofreading, indexing and Alt-text writing. Our editorial services staff have diverse academic background and are well trained in house styles and/or publisher specific requirements.

While editing we ensure consistency and accuracy and do not make unwanted changes to the original manuscript. 


We offer image enhancement and retouching, background editing, masking and composing, colour corrections, re-labelling (all complexities) and redrawing (all complexities including map redraws) and conversion services (to .png, .bmp, jpeg, etc.).

The received images are assessed for quality and appropriate changes are suggested.


We create best quality eBooks and ePubs from various input formats such as Word, RTF, scanned PDF, HTML, InDesign, etc. You can convert your text to an eBook or ePub optimised for various reading devices such as Apple iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo, ADE, Caliber and smartphones.

We create reflowable ePubs, fixed layout ePubs or audio/video-enhanced ePubs based on your requirement. 


All the elements such as headings, links, lists, tables, images, etc. are tagged based on WCAG 2.1 standards. The resulting document will be accessible to a wide range of audience using various screen readers.

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