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Virtual Assistance

Most of the entrepreneurs use virtual assistants to save time, energy, resources, and maximize efficiency. At Maddox, we provide dedicated and professional virtual assistance for all your individual and business tasks. We can customize our services as per your requirement. Listed below are some of our areas of expertise:

Customer service

We offer end-to-end customer service tailor-made for your business and e-commerce needs. This includes order processing, product manual creation, logo creation, handling feedback reviews, customer support, and the like.

Database marketing

Pick a field and we will identify potential leads for you and locate relevant e-mail contacts to receive targeted responses.

Plagiarism detection and takedown

Worried about your content being infringed on other sites? Let us identify and take them down, under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Website maintenance and update

We update and maintain your site in terms of content - addition or deletion (pages, text, images, videos, documents, links), marketing, blog, etc. while you focus on the core aspects of your work.

Managing social media accounts, blogs and e-mail support

Posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, publishing blog posts regularly, filtering and replying to blog comments, and actively engaging with customers can be quite tedious. We will step in and help you run the show.

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