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Top Ten Reasons Why Customers Love Maddox

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Customers are the foundation of any firm. To delight customers is as much important to a company as it is to achieve projects and goals.

Here’s not just one but ten reasons to why customers love working with us.

1. Wide range of services

Right from our kick-off in 2010, we have been widening our scope, thus gifting our customers the benefit of choosing from our extensive and wide-ranging services. We cover it all, specializing in prepress, data processing and back office support. We grow with the growing needs and ensure that we leave our customers satisfied to the core. All needs met here!

2. Customer-Centric

Our customers and our customized services are the heart of our institution. Expectations are not just met but exceeded. Individual customers’ needs addressed and tailored solutions crafted accurately make us a user-oriented firm and a go-to place. It is always a win-win situation with us!

3. High-Five

It is not just a project for us but a goal to achieve as much as it does to our customers. We address their requirements with meticulous care. Maddox, a hive of activity, is highly known for its high-quality, high-standards, high-benevolence, high-economicity, and high-sincerity in its service.

4. Located at the UTOPIA

We have got the right choice of place! Located at Puducherry, we are supported by its rich resources of well-qualified and experienced professionals, stable marketing policies, reliable power, and adequately developed socioeconomic infrastructure. One bliss of a place that serves its purpose!

5. Infrastructure

Our infrastructure serves a multifaceted purpose as it suites our team as well as our customers. We have the best work-place environment that aids utmost concentration and innovation that is rightly reflected in our production.

6. Honest and Transparent

We are highly responsive to our customers’ needs. We ensure that our work reflects our customers’ requirements with transparency and reality throughout the course of working towards achieving our goal. It is all above board with us!

7. Economical

We are economical with the cost but never with the truth. We offer our customers the best bang for the buck. We are ahead of the pack and offer all-encompassing, cost-effective solutions to our customers. Quality and reasonability goes hand in hand!

8. Best Employee Tribe

Each and every professional working at Maddox are known for their skill, talent, experience, and hard work. We are well coordinated as a team and aim at providing tailored services as per individual customer needs. We go for the bull’s eye and never compromise with our outcome. Being real people-group, we always have our brains in the gear to meet our customers' demands.

9. Reviews

Our customers’ reviews cannot be more congruous with what we are. Our up-to-date technology and outstanding solutions never fail to please our customers beyond content. The fact that we EARN our customers through our services is reflected in our happy-customers’ reviews.

10. Prompt Delivery

We stand by the requisites of our customers and ensure that they are provided with the right delivery at the right time. We also ensure, at all costs, that there are no pitfalls hindering or delaying our work. We work by what is said, a promise made is a promise kept!

Overall, working with us, MADDOX, is the road to Damascus! We seek to earn what we rightly deserve by ensuring all the above qualities function conjointly, making us unique, innovative, and second to none!

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