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Maddox solutions offers a wide range of services tailored to suit your individual requirements. We are innovators in the fields of book production, data processing, E-learning, accessibility, transcription and captioning, testing, virtual assistance and data labeling.

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All your publication needs will be taken care of with our wide range of services. We strive to provide technology driven solutions for print and media production.

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Seeking an overhaul of your curriculum or want your materials to be updated? We handle everything from creating course plans, making and evaluating assessments, and even providing technical assistance to both your organization and your students. 

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Ever feel like your website or game is missing something? Let us take over and test your content on multiple platforms, devices, and provide you with bug tracking and a comprehensive quality assurance report for your ease. 

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A one-stop shop for all business needs. We offer a hassle-free virtual assistant to perform business tasks, including customer relations, social media handling, content creation and protection.      

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Do you have lots of raw data but no way to train them on models? Most of the time spent on training a model is spent on data classification and labeling. Let us do the heavy lifting with data annotation/classification and labelling, while you focus on your model and training.

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Tired of auto-generated YouTube captions and out of sync subtitles? We offer captioning services for all your content in multiple formats that is both accessible and content aware for the perfect experience for your audience.

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Aims at fulfilling all your data management needs. Helps in freeing your key resources from the routine tasks and gives them the time to concentrate on their core tasks.

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Ever come across websites that are badly rendered or not accessible for the differently abled? We help you make your content concise, appropriate for all platforms and devices, and adhere to accessibility guidelines enabling you to cover a wide range of audience.

Why Choose Us?

Maddox invests a good amount of time to understand you and your business needs. Upfront analysis enables us to create a seamless interface between your workflow and our proven internal processes. We treat every project as a goal-sharing experience with you and strive to produce high-quality products, on time and within budget.

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1. Wide range of services

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2. Highly customer-centric

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3. Effective communication

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We are committed to maintaining customer satisfaction, trust and integrity by delivering quality products and services conforming to the industry’s best practices and continuous process improvement.



We envision ourselves to be one among the global leaders in every market we serve and to be the preferred partner of our clients by delivering outstanding products and services through state-of-the-art technology and innovative, reliable and affordable solutions.



Our values are fundamental to our success. They are the foundation of Maddox and define who we are and set us apart from the competition. Our core values – empathy, integrity and innovation – are all at the heart of Maddox and we live by them.



I am so thankful for your involvement with us. Can't do much without your help. Did you know that your team is the only team I engage for my courses? Can't have anyone else. 

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We do value your work enormously. I appreciate all your hard work and support over many years. And hope we can build on our relationship over the years to come. 

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Please let your team know they are awesome! We have actually spoke about it a few times and we are all very impressed with everyone at Maddox Solutions.

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